Central Michigan University has many Registered Student Organizations related to the field of Women and Gender Studies. To learn more about participating in these student organizations, visit the Engage Central website.

Black Lives Matter

A student-run organization advocating for the social awareness of injustices that occur across the country. We participate in various marches, rallies, and protests around campus. We also have volunteer events and general meetings where we partner with the Mt Pleasant BLM chapter.

Collective Action for Cultural Unity

"Our mission is to expose misconceptions and the mis-education of mainstream America in regards to race, religion, gender, and country of origin or any other aspect of a group of people that isolates them from mainstream America.”
Email: cacu4cmu@gmail.com​


“Mosaic is a organization dedicated to creating a safe space for people of all genders and orientations throughout the LGBTQ spectrum. Mosaic serves to focus on education and advocacy of its members and the general public pertaining to the issues of people of LGBTQ community as well as educating and advocating intersectionality for those who might hold multiple identities within the LGBTQ communities.”
Email: mosaiclgbtq@gmail.com​​

The Organization of Women Leaders

“Dedicated to service, sisterhood, and leadership on campus, the members of the Organization of Women Leaders strive to promote education and empowerment in women on campus, in our community, and across the nation.”
Email: owlsatcmu@gmail.com​​

Phenomenal Brown Girl

a multicultural organization dedicated to women’s empowerment & community outreach. We encourage women of all shades to join, to help inspire and uplift not only one another, but younger phenomenal brown girls who may need an extra push of encouragement.

Society of Women Engineers

“The student chapters of society of women engineers is dedicated to aspiring and reaching out to members and/or engineering students to accomplish their goal through community involvement and professional experience.”
Email: taylo5ta@cmich.edu​

Sophisticated Women of Color

“We are a group of young intelligent women here on Central Michigan University campus. Our group is geared around enriching young women's minds. We try to creating a safe haven so they can come together and express ideas for bettering our world and the community here on campus.”
Email: swc-cmu@hotmail.com​​


“This is Central Michigan University's social and education organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, queer or questioning students and our allies. We are here to provide a safe space for students of diverse backgrounds to make lasting friendships and have pride in who they are.”
Email: spectrum.cmu@gmail.com​​


“Are you trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming? Want to find a community of people like you, or to raise awareness and educate campus about transgender/non-cisgender issues? Whether or not you're out, whether or not activism is your thing, join us at a meeting. We'd love to meet you and become friends and allies!”
Email: transcmu@gmail.com​​

Voices for Planned Parenthood

“Voices for Planned Parenthood is the stu​dent and youth activist wing of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. As a registered student organization at Central Michigan University, we educate and inform CMU students on what constitutes safe and socially responsible sexual behavior and advocate a pro-choice, pro-education political agenda.”
Email: cmuvox@gmail.com​​

Women in Medicine

“An organization that encompasses a whole range of medical specialties, including, but not limited to: Medical Doctor, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and undergraduate studies geared toward a career in science. This organization is geared toward promoting and nurturing the love of medicine in the female population.”
Email: kuech1ar@cmich.edu​​