Epic is Here

On June 1st UHS migrated to the Epic EMR. Below you will find support information including tips and quick guides. Any questions or suggestions related to our Epic implementation should be e-mailed to CMUEpic@groups.cmich.edu. For urgent issues, contact the help desk at 989-774-1085.


Login IDs

Login IDs are assigned by the eCovenant team. All providers in Epic have IDs that start with a P followed by 4 numbers (i.e p1234). All UHS employees that are not providers login ID will be CMU followed by their employee ID number (i.e. CMU123456). 

Password Resets

If a password is forgotten there are two options for resetting it. The first option is to call the eCovenant help desk at 989-583-6014. The other option is to enroll ahead of time for self service password resets. To enroll visit https://passwordreset.chs-mi.com/

Accessing Epic

Epic can be accessed from a desktop icon labeled Hyperspace Prod. Additional icons may exist on the desktop for scanning and training/practice. Providers have additional permissions to access Epic through the Covenant website: https://citrix.chs-mi.com/vpn/index.html

Changing Context/Department

When logging into Epic the user will be presented with an option to choose their department. Epic will default to the last selection the user made. This will be important for users who will be working in multiple locations. If users do not make this change, they can Change Context... under the Log Out menu in the upper right corner of the Epic application.

Epic - Department Selection  

Support Tickets

Any issues with Epic during the first two weeks will be addressed by the CMED IT team or the eCovenant team providing onsite support. After the first two weeks, all issues should be e-mailed to CMUEpic@groups.cmich.edu .

Care Everywhere

Care Everywhere shows patient information from other Epic facilities in the form of structured documents to ensure consistent formatting. Documents that have been received from outside organizations for a patient appear in the Care Everywhere Outside Records activity and the Patient Document History report. If a release form is requested by the other facility, have the patient sign the document and scan the completed form into the patient record as a CE Document.