Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, CMU College of Medicine

As a faculty member in the Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Julien Rossignol, PhD, is conducting his research in the Field Neurosciences Institute Laboratory for Restorative Neurology. Dr. Rossignol's present laboratory research is to determine the best adult stem cell candidate to transplant in the brain to treat neurodegenerative diseases. His group studied specifically mesenchymal stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. Previous work has shown that mesenchymal stem cells slowed the deficits in a transgenic rat model of Huntington's disease but failed to create new neurons. Induced pluripotent stem cells have the ability to become neurons and may prove to have greater therapeutic utility. Visit his lab page for more information.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships: Field Neurosciences Institute Laboratory for Restorative Neurology Program in Neuroscience and Department of Psychology, 2011, Central Michigan University; INSERM U643, 2007, University of Nantes, France
Doctorate, 2007:, INSERM U643, University of Nantes
Graduate, 2003: University of Orleans, France
Undergraduate, 2002: University of Nantes, France

Specialty Interests:
Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury

1280 S. East Campus Drive, CMED 2428
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3405
Lab: 989-774-3192