The College of Medicine Educator Development Office provides training opportunities to all College of Medicine faculty to improve their skills in teaching and assessing students and to support the patient-centered, evidence-based medical education program at Central Michigan University.


Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright
Coordinator, Training & Professional Development
CMED South

Medical Education Teaching & Learning (METL) Certificate program

The Medical Education Teaching & Learning (METL) Certificate Program focuses on developing teaching abilities through an understanding of learning processes, curriculum development, active learning strategies, and assessment.

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CMU College of Medicine Faculty Development and The Dow Physician Leadership grants provide funding opportunities for basic science faculty and clinical preceptors interested in attending a nationally acclaimed conference.

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1/18/201812-1PMIAMSE Webinar - The AAMC Core EPAs for Entering Residency an Update from the National Pilot Group - Kimberly Lomis, MD
1/25/201812-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Integration, competence and expertise: Preparing learners for the future - Nicole Woods, PhD
2/1/201812-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Continuity, LIC's and Competency-based Education 2018 - Molly Cooke, MD
2/8/201812-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Competency based education across the UME-GME continuum: the EPAC program - Deborah Powell, MD

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