The College of Medicine Educator Development Office provides training opportunities to all College of Medicine faculty to improve their skills in teaching and assessing students and to support the patient-centered, evidence-based medical education program at Central Michigan University.


Jean Bailey

Jean M. Bailey, Ph.D.

Director, Educator Development Programs
CMED 2405G

Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright
Coordinator, Training & Professional Development
CMED South

Medical Education Teaching & Learning (METL) Certificate program

The Medical Education Teaching & Learning (METL) Certificate Program focuses on developing teaching abilities through an understanding of learning processes, curriculum development, active learning strategies, and assessment.

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CMU College of Medicine Faculty Development and The Dow Physician Leadership grants provide funding opportunities for basic science faculty and clinical preceptors interested in attending a nationally acclaimed conference.

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8/24/20172-3:45PMGRC Webinar - Finding Success with NIH AREA (R15) Grants
8/29/20173-3:45PMGRC Webinar - Environmental Education Funding in New Administration
8/31/20172-3:45PMGRC Webinar - Finding Success with USDA's Rural Development Program
9/7/201712-1PMIAMSE Webinar - The Rising Tide of Competency-based Medical Education: A Global View
9/14/201712-1PMIAMSE Webinar - The Future of Family Medicine: In China
9/15/20171-4PMMERC Workshop: Searching and Evaluating the Medical Education Literature - Dr. Larry Gruppen (Saginaw)
9/19/20177-8:30AMGrand Rounds: "The Becoming, Crafting a Story of You for Resilience and Vitality" - Dr. Hedy Wald (Saginaw)
9/19/20177:15-8:30PMSaginaw County Medical Society (SCMS) Presentation: "The Becoming, Crafting a Story of You for Resilience and Vitality" - Dr. Hedy Wald (Saginaw)
9/19/201711:30AM-1:30PMCreating A Professional Toolkit for Resilience and Wellbeing: Focus on Mind-Body Medicine & Reflective Writing—An Experiential Session - Dr. Hedy Wald (Saginaw)
9/21/20172-3:45PMGRC Webinar - Finding Success with an NIH R01
9/21/201712-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Globalization of education to global healthcare overview of European model
9/28/201712-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Challenges and Opportunities for Medical Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
10/4/20171-5PMSafety Issues in Healthcare: Patients and Providers at Risk (Mount Pleasant)
10/5/201712-1PMIAMSE Webinar - Lessons from the Design and Implementation of a Pediatric Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Training Program in a Low Resource Country— The South American Experience
10/6/20171-4PMMERC Workshop: Data Management & Preparing for Statistical Consultation - Dr. Pat O'Sullivan (Saginaw)
10/13/20171-3PMTBL Facilitation (Mount Pleasant)
12/8/20171-4PMMERC Workshop: Scholarly Writing, Publishing Medical Education Research - Dr. Peg Weissinger (Saginaw)

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