Community Healthcare Partners and Affiliations

The Mission of the Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Medicine is to:

“Prepare physicians focused on improving access to high-quality health care in Michigan with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved regions” and “engage physicians in leading health care transformation, lifelong learning, and team-based education”. 

To accomplish this mission, a new model of distributed community-engaged medical education has been selected and developed by the College of Medicine. This model relies heavily on community partners in hospitals and physician practices. The hospital partnerships called Affiliation or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Agreements across central and northern Michigan are critically important because they provide the guidelines for medical students and medical residents functioning in these locations. Included are hospital responsibilities, university responsibilities, and mutual responsibilities of both. These affiliation agreements are signed by the hospital and the CMU President. Memoranda of Understanding are similar and are signed by the Dean of the College of Medicine. 

The existence of these partnership agreements allow medical students and residents to: 

  1. Be educated and trained in the environments in which we intend for our graduates to practice
  2. Experience high-quality medical practice where initial medical diagnoses most often occur 
  3. Understand the impact of health care decisions on patients’ families and communities 
  4. Experience high-quality interprofessional patient care 
  5. Appreciate the quality of life in central and northern Michigan communities
Th e College of Medicine has Affiliation and MOU Agreements for hospitals and practices from Saginaw to Midland to Mount Pleasant; from Pigeon to Houghton-Hancock and many locations in between. These community partners provide an essential context for the education and training for a new College of Medicine physician.

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