Health Education Staff

Lori Wangberg Lori Wangberg, M.A.
Health Educator/
HIV Counselor/CHAMP Advisor
(989) 774-4446              

The Health Education and Promotion office is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that fosters healthy decisions and lifestyles through education and advocacy.
  • Self-referred HIV testing and counseling: call 989-774-4446 for an appointment.

Mental Health

Daylight therapy is offered to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Research supports therapeutic light can enhance mood and reduce the lethargic feeling many experience during the winter months. Appointments are available all year.

FEES:  $2 per 30-minute session. Multiple sessions can be scheduled. Call for appointment 989-774-6599.

Counseling Center - Counseling services for CMU students, and on-line screening assessments.   If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, contact the Counseling Center at 989-774-3381.  

Opportunities for student involvement:


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Sexual Health

Free monthly STD testing is offered on campus through a partnership with Central Michigan District Health Department, call 989-773-5921, ext 1409 for more information.

Opportunities for student involvement

  • Have a sexual health question, ask Central Michigan VOX!

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Alcohol and Other Drugs 

Isabella County Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, contact

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Nutrition and Fitness


Visit to find a customized food plan

Nutrition Pyramid  USDA.GOV


 Want ideas for nutritional recipes/meal plans? Check this out, click here

Resources, education, and support to those affected by eating disorders, visit here


Visit URec - 

Start walking / Click here for tips and tools from American Heart Association