​​​Women's Specialists now with CMU Health

​Dr. Pammit and I are excited to announce that we have joined the CMU Health Specialty Clinics to form CMU Health Women's Specialists. CMU Health is a multi-specialty practice in the Saginaw area that closely shares our values for high-quality care and emphasizes innovative, evidence-based medicine. In addition to Dr. Pammit and myself, we joined Dr. Rene Sundstrom, and Dr. Erica Canales. Like Dr. Pammit and myself, these physicians are committed to maintaining a personal level of care to all of our patients. CMU Health has committed to bring the majority of our staff on board as well.  We will continue to follow both our gynecological and obstetrical patients, and will attend the delivery of our patients. 

​Billing & Account Balances: 

Please note that any outstanding balance from Women's Specialists must be paid and sent to our previous office address. You may see portions of your care billed under Women's Specialists with other portions billed under CMU Health. Our office staff will be available to answer your questions, or you may contact me personally. 

Dr. Pammit and I want to offer reassurance to all of our patients that we will continue to provide the level of care given since my office was formulated in 1996. I encourage you to contact our office with any questions or concerns. We want to assure you that our mission continues to be providing you with quality, caring, and patient­centered healthcare. We are sure that you will find our new location at CMU Health to be a pleasant, friendly, and professional environment. ​

​Christopher J. Oravitz, M.D.
Michael A. Pammit, M.D.