​​CMU Health is proud to reveal a new look.​

​Our clinics at 1000 Houghton Avenue in Saginaw, which host our quality providers and staff in Internal Medicine and OB/GYN, are getting a well-deserved facelift.  You'll see that we are not only placing a high priority on developing a welcoming and attractive atmosphere, but also putting our patients first in the design. We are proud to have maximized the space to better serve our patients and community.  Our clinical staff members are located in areas that will allow patients and providers with direct access to our nurses and medical assistants, ensuring improved patient communication. 

The patient lobby was completely rebuilt last year, as our first step in this renovation process. Next came the exam rooms, which were redesigned to improve patient privacy and to ensure adequate room for patient guests. Hallway renovations were completed in early fall.  The nursing stations were moved to the main hallway, to improve communication between staff, providers and patients.

Our Pediatrics department located at 1575 Concentric Blvd Saginaw, MI has moved to the Houghton Ave building.  This improves our continuity of care between our OB/GYN and Pediatrics departments while allowing parents to keep their child in the same clinic from birth and onwards.