Academic Success invites applications annually in the fall.

The charge to the Academic Success Advisory Team is to provide suggestions and feedback to the Director of Academic Success as she develops and implements a strategic plan designed to facilitate high-quality academic support services for medical students and residents at various CMU College of Medicine campuses and sites. The goal of Academic Success is to work with medical students and residents and to assist them in developing effective learning and study strategies in support of their academic and professional goals.

Team members will (1) serve as liaisons with students, residents, faculty and academic staff concerning medical student and resident learning and study needs and interests; (2) provide suggestions regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of a strategic plan for Academic Success; and (3) provide feedback regarding Academic Success workshops, services, online resources, and policies. 

The Advisory Team will meet twice each semester during fall and spring, with each meeting scheduled for 90 minutes to two hours. Each meeting will offer members the opportunity to attend face-to-face or via Skype for Business to accommodate schedules. Members occasionally may be asked to provide input or feedback via email between the scheduled meetings on Academic Success topics. 

Members are appointed for a one-year term with an option to renew their membership for an additional year. Membership will include twelve individuals comprised of two students from each class, two residents, two faculty members, and the Director. All members will receive a certificate in recognition of their service at the end of the academic year. 

The criteria for selection for membership includes:
  1. Evidence of an interest in enhancing learning and study strategies for medical students and residents.
  2. Willingness to communicate the learning and study strategy needs and interests of his/her peers to the Advisory Team to inform future programming efforts.
  3. Willingness to advocate for Academic Success programs, services, and resources among his/her peers.
  4. Willingness to commit the time needed to participate in all Academic Success Advisory Team meetings.
The Director of Academic Success as well as staff from the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education will review applications.

2017-2018 Academic Success Advisory Team Members

  • Dorothy Wong, M1
  • Daniel Kalabat, M2
  • Olga Zamulko, M2
  • Alex Figacz, M3
  • Allison Hazy, M3
  • Emily Cobb, M4
  • Neil Parikh, M4
  • Dr. Furhurt Janssen, Program Director, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Harold Bell, Assistant Professor, Physiology
  • Dr. Drake, Director, Academic Success

2016-2017 Academic Success Advisory Team Members

  • Daniel Kalabat, M1
  • Olga Zamulko, M1
  • Rachel Glenn, M2
  • Alex Figacz, M2
  • Neil Parikh, M3
  • Stephanie Betcher, M3
  • Dr. Furhut Janssen, Psychiatry, Program Director
  • Dr. Mark DeSantis, Anatomy, Foundational Sciences Faculty
  • Dr. Drake, Director, Academic Success

2015-2016 Academic Success Advisory Team Members

  • Rachel Glenn, M1
  • Stephanie Betcher, M2
  • Alicia Aleardi, M3
  • Dr. Mary Mullins, Emergency Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Mark Desantis, Faculty
  • Dr. Eron Drake, Director, Academic Success
If you have any questions about the Academic Success Advisory Team or the application process, please contact the Director of Academic Success, at or (989) 774-7132.