Department logoCommunity health and wellness influences extend far beyond the realms of healthcare settings. Factors as diverse as early childhood development, employment opportunities, educational attainment, food availability, housing, public safety, transportation, recreation and the environment, all influence health and well-being of children, families, and adults. This broad concept of well-being calls for true collaboration across professions and disciplines. We believe CMU can be a catalyst in forging partnerships to build bridges across sectors of education, science, medicine, healthcare, business, and government to share cutting-edge approaches, exchange ideas, and help shape solutions. Many opportunities exist for cross-sector community collaborations to advance urgent health priorities – especially in medically underserved rural and urban communities. CMU’s expertise in health & wellness spans many disciplines and many specialty areas. We’re known for our work in mobile health and wellness, autism, communications, early childhood, education, public health, human services, psychiatry, and behavioral treatments. Our vision for the Center is to create synergies and stimulate interdisciplinary educational programs.

Colleges Working in Partnership


The proposed mission for the Interdisciplinary Center for Community Health & Wellness at Central Michigan University will be to stimulate and promote basic and applied research and education about health and wellness for disease prevention, health promotion, health communication, quality of life improvement and related economic benefits for Michigan and beyond.


  • Establish and sustain CMU as a model for health and wellness education. 
  • Promote scholarship, interdisciplinary research, service, and applied practice in wellness-related academic disciplines through external partnerships and collaborations. 
  • Engage students in the community to improve health outcomes and promote inter-professional learning networks. 
  • Collaborate with the community to benefit the health and well-being of all citizens of CMU’s region, Michigan and the nation.


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