Application Workshops FAQ

What is an application workshop?
Application workshops are an opportunity for an extended discussion with a representative from the Office of Admissions. These workshops are for new or re-applicants with questions on how to prepare or improve. Attendees will hear directly from the Office of Admissions about the applicant selection process at the CMU College of Medicine. Workshops begin with a look at the application process and allow for applicant-driven question and answer on any topic.

Is this workshop different from an information session?
Yes. Information sessions are intended for a broad audience and cover topics related to the educational program at the College. Application workshops target a narrow audience: future applicants with questions on how to best prepare for medical school and effectively demonstrate that preparation.

I was not accepted to the CMU College of Medicine. Can I receive feedback on my application?
Yes. The Office of Admissions at the CMU College of Medicine offers application feedback in the context of these workshops. Attendees are welcome to ask any questions, specific to their circumstances or more generally, to understand how to strengthen a future application.

How long are these workshops?
Workshops typically run about 90 minutes depending on the number of attendees and questions.

How big are the workshops?
In order to give each participant an opportunity to ask about their situation, the number of spots in each presentation is kept small.  Most workshops typically have about half a dozen participants.

Where will these workshops be held?
Admissions workshops take place on the Mount Pleasant campus.

I'm not able to attend in person. Is there an online workshop?
You can view a recorded version of our workshop by clicking here.

When will workshops take place?
The office of Admissions offers these workshops on Fridays in April and May, subject to demand and admissions representative availability.

Can I ask specific questions about my application?
Please do!  While the Office of Admissions may not be permitted to disclose information about the Admissions committee's deliberations, a representative can answer specific questions about application elements such as: coursework, MCAT scores, grade point average, quality and quantity of preparatory experiences, or gap year experiences.

Who can register for an admissions workshop?
Anyone who is considering applying or reapplying to the CMU College of Medicine is welcome to register provided they are not under consideration in the current application cycle at CMU. This means that if you are waitlisted at CMU you are ineligible to attend. Individuals with an active, submitted AMCAS application are not eligible to attend. If you are applying to CMU in the immediate future consider attending a workshop before submitting your application. The information in the workshop will not be relevant once your application is submitted. Due to the small size of the workshops, registration is limited to future applicants and reapplicants only.

Where do I register for admissions workshops?
Visit our sign up page. If you have any question please send an email to