Course ID: MED 797AX/997AX
Discipline: Surgery
Prerequisites: 8 or more weeks of core clerkships
Available Sites: Mount Pleasant
Duration: 2 or 4 weeks


Students frequently come into their fourth year of medical school with an increased appreciation for gross anatomy. Few students had a strong understanding of the degree to which gross anatomy would be necessary in their practice of medicine in year one of their training. In Year Four, they have a greater sense of where their deficits and interest areas lie, particularly with regard to their desired specialty choice. A number of medical practices utilize procedural skills learned in dissection, including obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, cardiology, and surgery (general and specialties). This course provides students with experience and skills in dissection required for those practices. It enables the student to describe the normal structure of the human body and contribute to the development of professional conduct. Students may focus on one body region (2 week elective) or 2 regions (four week elective)

Key Objectives

  • Review important anatomical structures in a body region of the learner’s choosing
  • Translate knowledge into practice by successfully dissected a preselected region of the body
  • Appreciation of human diversity as reflected in normal anatomical variation
  • Demonstrate skills at working collaboratively in a team;
  • Display the ability to communicate among team members in a clear, professional way
  • Express professional attitude and demeanor when dealing with cadavers;
  • Show commitment to professional responsibilities by promptness, adherence to deadlines and achieving expectations
  • Demonstrate technical skills in dissections of a specified body region
  • Revisit basic science anatomy within the context of their clinical experience
  • Review, extend, and refine their knowledge of basic science anatomy
  • Practice important clinical skills and procedures in the same arena of the anatomy laboratory.

Assessment Method

College of Medicine standard elective assessment will be completed by supervising faculty at conclusion of elective clerkship.

Scheduling Information

Interested students should contact CMU College of Medicine Department of Distributed Clinical Education at