Course ID: MED 797J/997J
Discipline: Medicine
Prerequisites: MED 810 General Surgery Clerkship
  MED 820 Hospital Medicine Clerkship
  MED 830 Psychiatry Clerkship
  MED 840 OB/GYN Clerkship
  MED 850 Pediatrics Clerkship
Available Sites: Saginaw
Duration: 4 weeks


This rotation is a specialized opportunity for students interested in learning the basics of bedside ultrasound as it is used in the emergency department. With the availability of highly portable ultrasound systems, bedside ultrasound has become an invaluable tool in the evaluation of the acutely ill. Multiple urgent procedures now rely on ultrasound guidance to maximize patient safety. During this rotation, the student will work closely with Covenant Healthcare Emergency Medicine faculty and residents as an integrated member of the Ultrasound Team. This elective will provide a foundation in point-of-care ultrasound for students planning training in any medical specialty.

Key Objectives

Describe the basic physical principles of bedside ultrasound.
Demonstrate familiarity with basic ultrasound “knobology” and image acquisition of up to 11 common bedside ultrasound scans.
Recognize indications, risks and evidence behind performance of bedside ultrasound studies.
Demonstrate skill in performance of the EFAST exam (Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma.
Assist in performance of ultrasound guided procedures (central venous catheter placement, I+D).
Present findings of bedside ultrasound studies to faculty in a concise and organized fashion.

Assessment Method

College of Medicine standard elective assessment will be completed by supervising faculty at conclusion of elective clerkship.

Scheduling Information

Interested students should contact CMU College of Medicine Department of Distributed Clinical Education at