Course ID: MED 797Z/997Z
Discipline: Surgery
Prerequisites: MED 810 General Surgery Clerkship, MED 820 Hospital Medicine Clerkship, MED 830 Psychiatry Clerkship, MED 840 OB/GYN Clerkship, and MED 850 Pediatric Clerkship
Available Sites: Saginaw
Duration: 4 weeks


Practicing physicians in nearly every specialty will be called upon to counsel and/or treat patients in their practice with breast or skin concerns. This elective will provide the student with an opportunity to evaluate patients’ individual risk of developing breast and skin cancer and to develop individualized screening programs based on risk stratification. Students will participate in diagnosing and treating benign, premalignant and malignant breast and skin conditions and participate in the coordination of adjuvant breast and skin cancer treatment. Students will also participate in planning and providing post-treatment surveillance and survivorship care.

Key Objectives

  • Evaluate a patient’s risk of developing breast or skin cancer and counsel patients on their individual risk, appropriate screening/surveillance and risk reduction strategies.
  • Evaluate breast and skin findings and differentiate between benign findings and findings that require further work-up.
  • Describe the surgical recommendations for the management of premalignant and malignant breast and skin lesions.
  • Explain the interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with breast or skin cancer.
  • Describe the most common benign breast and skin lesions and management.

Assessment Method

College of Medicine standard elective assessment will be completed by supervising faculty at conclusion of elective clerkship.

Scheduling Information

Interested students should contact CMU College of Medicine Department of Distributed Clinical Education at