The Mid Central Area Health Education Center (AHEC) is a partner with the CMU College of Medicine in supporting students completing clinical rotations in various communities throughout Michigan and Ohio. As such, we have created “Community Profile” for every clinical CCC site utilized by the College of Medicine. We hope these profiles provide an overview for students locating in CCC sites prior to their six-month rotation and give a more in-depth look at the CCC site and surrounding community.

The profile contains information regarding the following:


Where the community is located in Michigan
Dining and food options for students
Best and easy access to grocery shopping centers
Recreation/Fitness opportunities
Volunteer opportunities
Local health department programs

Clinical Site

Site location and address
Type of services offered on site
Care team configuration

Hospital Information

Types of services offered
Number of beds

Housing Options

Please note that on the attached document we have included some housing options and we request that you contact us directly about housing options! We have identified housing in each community, but would like you to reach out to us individually. Different housing options are available at different times of the year. 

Also, this is where we need your help identifying housing options/opportunities where medical students have rented or can rent for six months so we can list these on future profiles.

Volunteer and Specialty Session Options

We have also included volunteer experiences and Specialty Session possibilities at some sites for students to contact during their CCC rotation. We would welcome any other options experienced by students to post in this section of the profile.

Our hope is that these profiles continue to be updated based on feedback from our medical students. We want to keep them fresh and relevant so every six months students receive their “Community Profile” based on previous students contributions and updates. 

*Profile coming soon!