Medical Student Council

Welcome from the M1 Medical Student Council (MSC). We're honored to have been chosen to represent the class of 2021. Our primary goals are to host events promoting student camaraderie and expand the profile of the CMU College of Medicine throughout the state with community outreach and volunteering initiatives. We're looking forward to working with all of you to accomplish these goals and make this the best College of Medicine class yet.
CUrrent M1 M.S.C. for the 2018-2019 academic year.
Pictured top row left to right is Eliisa Strand, Christopher Twilling, and Katie Rose. Pictured bottom rom left to right is Nana Sekyere, Ibrahim Baida, and Ashley Dean.

M1 MSC Members
Ibrahim Baida, Class President -
Christopher Twilling, Class Vice President -
Eliisa Strand, Class Secretary and Treasurer -
Katie Rose, Class Co-Volunteer and Program Coordinator -
Ashley Dean, Co-SIG Coordinator -
Nana Sekyere, Co-Multicultural Coordinator -

Current M2 M.S.C. for the 2018-2019 academic year 
Pictured top row left to right is Kyla Walworth, Kaitlyn Bates, Rita Asuquo, and Danna Zevy. Pictured bottom rom left to right is Whitnee Essenmacher, Derek Wolfe, and Dalia Khader.

M2 MSC Members
Derek Wolfe, Class President -
Kaitlyn Bates, Class Vice President -
Whitnee Essenmacher, Class Secretary -
Danna Zevy, Class Treasurer -
Dalia Khader, Class Volunteer and Program Coordinator -
Kyla Walworth, SIG Coordinator -
Rita Asuquo, Multicultural Coordinator -

M3 MSC Members
Aws Polina, Class President -
Paul Zeller, Class Vice President -
Alana Siwicki, Class Secretary -
Nercie Danger, Class Treasurer -
Megha Patel, Class Multicultural Coordinator -

M4 MSC Members
Douglas Beckman, Class President -
Yisheng Cao, Class Vice President -
Brittany Fields, Class Secretary and Treasurer -
Firas Shalabi, Multicultural Coordinator -