Exercise Program

Central Michigan University (CMU) is providing a unique program called the Falls Prevention-Exercise program as part of our Healthy Aging initiative. The exercise program includes a wellness check-up focused on reducing fall risk. This opportunity provides students’ exposure to the community and develops skills to assist older adult patients. This program is supported by Region VII Area Agency on Aging grant. Participation in the program is voluntary and is offered at no cost to participants. 

The free Falls Prevention Exercise Program provides:

  • Fall risk screening home visit by a team of CMU health professionals
  • An individualized exercise program developed specifically for you
  • The opportunity to receive training and become a peer-coach for others
  • The ability to volunteer to support the training of new doctors
For older adults assessed with mild or no-risk of fall, the Matter of Balance exercise program provided by the local Commission on Aging is recommended. Participants who follow a regular exercise regimen will be advised to continue. A follow-up visit will be scheduled in approximately one year’s time.
For older adults assessed at moderate risk of fall, a follow-up appointment will be provided by a CMU physician and a Physical Therapy specialist at CMU’s Carl Center. Most insurances typically cover this health care service. For participants without insurance coverage, program leaders will help to locate resources to assist you at no cost. 
Based on a moderate risk assessment, an individualized Otago exercise program will be offered. The program is an 8-week exercise program tailored to the individual and can be followed at home or in a group at the local Commission on Aging. A follow-up assessment will be conducted based on your response to, and the requirements of the program.  

Register Now

Please complete the attached questionnaire to register for the program. You may also print and mail the form to the address provided. You may also call the Healthy Aging voicemail to register or ask questions at (989) 774-1350.  Program overview