What do our Residents think about the Program?

​​After training i​n our two different Emergency Departments, the residents have had the opportunity to understand and work with different styles of hospitals, nursing staffs, and patients. They have easily transitioned into 30 different states and 3 different countries -- in large cities and small towns, in academic and community-based practices.

Feedback from our graduates’ employers has been excellent – telling us that our graduates are uniformly well prepared for clinical practice and are praised for their efficiency, communication skills and knowledge of billing and coding.

Residents from Saginaw tell us that this is the perfect place to train just as you will practice. They find an easy transition to their first job since they have spent their whole residency program talking to private attendings (not just admitting residents), performing all their own procedures including all intubations and reducing dislocations, and caring for trauma patients from start to finish in the ED. They are ready to work in any ED the day they graduate.

From our Residents: 

"This residency has exceeded my expectations in terms of the fantastic learning opportunities, extensive training, and faculty interactions that are afforded to us! You get the benefit of working in one of the country's most efficient, well-run, technologically-advanced emergency departments with some of the finest emergency physicians and nurses that can be found. Saginaw offers a great deal of pathology with a diverse array of patient acuity. You will get a very well-rounded education here, no doubt. My fellow residents are an amazing collection of talented, laid-back, extremely hard working people. We are like one big family in that we always look out for one another and will always lend a hand when help is needed. I am extremely happy to be a part of this program!"
*Steve Gau MD, Class of 2016​

"What I really enjoy about the program is the interaction with attendings, both in the ED and on off-service rotations. Everyone is easy to approach and are eager to discuss clinical decision making. It makes for a comfortable learning environment and encourages discussions for educational benefits."
*Warren Singleton MD, Class of 2016

"I really like this program because it obviously cares about each resident as an individual and not a cog in the machine. And even more so each resident treats another like family."
*Lova Anani MD, Class of 2015

"I came to the CMU EM program because of its unique set-up of a large volume ED and very few other residencies, making it a largely un-opposed program. Everyone associated with the program is awesome, and there is amazing country nearby to explore in my off time."
*Todd McGrath MD, Class of 2015

I absolutely love Saginaw and being part of emergency medicine department. What surely makes it so exceptional is the outstanding educational experiences in a friendly environment."
*Mohammed AlKhalifah MD, Class of 2015

"CMU Emergency Medicine has nationally renowned faculty that are very enthusiastic about teaching. Our physicians are constantly looking for opportunities to pull in residents to do procedures or get involved with the care of patients. This kind of teaching is invaluable and I love that we are afforded such awesome experiences!"
*Sara Adibi MD, Class of 2015

 “CMU Healthcare is an outstanding program with exceptional faculty. The teaching and training here rival any other program in the country. I feel that this program is a hidden treasure of outstanding residents, opportunities, and training. You quickly feel like part of a family here and have a lot of people watching out for you.”
*Bryan Wegg MD, Class of 2014

 “I chose CMU Healthcare for residency because I wanted a program that provided an opportunity for a significant amount of procedures and many critically ill patients due to both medical reasons and trauma. The area is in reasonable proximity to a number of outdoor recreational activities and larger cities are an easy drive, making this an ideal location for residency.”
*Tiffany Weiss DO, Class of 2012

“There are many reasons to love this program, but my main one is that the residents are so happy! Everywhere I went it ranged from relatively happy to moderately but here everyone was very very stoked about life!"
*Puneet Gupta MD, Class of 2014

"Personally, my wife and I could not be more happy about being matched with CMU Healthcare. This program has amazing faculty and staff and a diverse patient base. This is coupled with strong didactics and an active Sim Lab to enhance our training. In addition to that, the area is beautiful and has provided us with numerous outdoor activities to relax on our time off."
*Robert Burge MD, Class of 2014

“The EM residency in Saginaw has an exceptional core faculty and administration. They truly care about the residents and work with us to make these three years a fantastic experience. We have terrific training and unique opportunities including being a member of a SWAT team, the county dive team, ACLS and ATLS teaching, and moonlighting. We also have a social and active group of residents who frequently get together for all kinds of things including amazing cooking, indulging in wine or local brews, kayaking, cycling, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, archery, kiteboarding, and numerous other things. Saginaw has more to offer than you might expect, and I absolutely love it so far.”
*Jeffrey Westensee MD, Class of 2014