Why choose Saginaw for training in Family Medicine?

Benefits of Saginaw Area
  • Large patient base affording excellent training in the ambulatory setting and hospital.
  • Supportive community of family physicians and specialists genuinely interested in training our residents.
  • Two local hospitals affording an opportunity for the required residency rotations, and a wide array of elective training opportunities.

Benefits of CMU Health
  • CMU Health is the clinical arm of the Central Michigan University College of Medicine. Benefits include: resources of a major university, resident academic appointments, opportunity to teach medical students.
  • Excellent practice and teaching experience among the outstanding faculty in the program.
  • Opportunity to work with and educate medical students, PA students, nursing students, and other health-affiliated students.
  • The quality teaching and administrative resources of CMU Health, including Simulation Medicine.
  • Member of Family Practice Inquiries (FPIN).
  • Training in CPT coding and insurance reimbursements.
  • Participation in FCCS (Fundamental Critical Care Support) and Sim Lab Courses.

Personal Benefits of the Residency Program
  • Competitive salary and benefits schedule for the residents.
  • Training in various outpatient procedures, including dermatologic surgery and gynecologic procedures.
  • Research and publishing opportunities through the Department.