​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Couples Match Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for residency programs that opt to participate in the NRMP Couples Match. The primary focus of this Graduate Medical Education (GME) specific policy is to address the application, matching and on boarding of a couple (NRMP defined) into the same residency program.


Program Directors are advised to consider all of the ramifications to the program and institution if they elect to rank and possibly match a couple.

  1. Both candidates must meet all institutional and departmental selection criteria. They must both apply via NRMP and they should be evaluated and ranked based on the individual merits of their respective applications.
  2. If both applicants match to the same residency program, they may not serve in a supervisory role in which one reports to the other at any time during their training.
  3. Nor may either serve in a residency program leadership role such as but not limited to; chief resident while the other member is enrolled in that same program.
  4. Couples Match applicants should be informed of this policy at the time of the interview.

CMU Medical Education Partners reserves the right to make exceptions, modify or eliminate this policy and/or its content. This document supersedes all previous policies, procedures, and guidelines relative to this subject.