Smitha Gudipati, M.D. - Academic Chief

Smitha Gudipati, MD

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Chemistry with a concentration of biochemistry, Kalamazoo College
Medical School: St. George's University: Doctor of Medicine

Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Saginaw is my home. I grew up in the area and was lucky enough that I was able to come back to the city that gave me such a wonderful childhood. It's an incredible experience being able to give back to the community and to see the city improve every year." 
What are your career goals? "Short term - fellowship in Infectious Disease. I hope to continue working in academia pursuing global healthcare and concentrating in accessibility of HIV treatment in underserved areas worldwide."

Srinandan Guntupalli, M.D. - Administrative Chief

Srinandan Guntupalli, MD

Medical School: NRI Medical College & General Hospital, NTR University of Health Sciences, India 
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Small city with decent sized metro including tri-city and bay area. Minimal traffic and easy to get around. Great patient population and Midwest hospitality. Good environment to learn with variance in pathology. "
What are your career goals? "Short term goal: Bone Marrow Transplant specialist at an academic institution. Long term goal: Be happy and travel around the world."

Vamsee Mupparaju, M.D.

Vamsee Mupparaju, MD

Medical School: MBBS from Guntur Medical College, Guntur, India. Certificate in Clinical & Translation Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "It is a place which is not too busy and not too quiet. Easy to get around. Easy access to beautiful Up North. Small program, noticed friendly environment when I interviewed, all the residents work like a family. "
What are your career goals? "Short term- Pursuing fellowship in gastroenterology. Long term- Practice as a gastroenterologist, helping the people in need. Visit as many countries as possible."

​Navneet Panesar, M.D.

Navneet Panesar, MD

Medical School: Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana, India
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Quiet, small city so everything is short commute. Ample opportunities to learn how to manage both rare and 'bread and butter' cases. Program offers a good balance of both autonomy and supervision. Great support from peers, program director and faculty."
What are your career goals? "Hospital Medicine for couple of years followed by Nephrology fellowship."

Dhara Patel, M.D. - Administrative Chief

Dhara Patel, MD

​Rex Roda, M.D. - Academic Chief

Rex Roda, MD

​Ronak Soni, M.D.

Ronak Soni, MD

Medical School: Government Medical College, Surat, India
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "I found the faculty and staff very friendly and the program is very well structured for primary care as well as hospitalist training along with excellent fellowship placement."
What are your career goals? "To pursue Cardiology fellowship"

Fakhar Zaidi, M.D.

​Fakhar Zaidi, MD​

Undergraduate/Graduate School: Bachelors in Biology and Master in Healthcare Administration from university of Texas in Arlington, Texas
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Small city with all the luxuries of a big city. Everything is close by so not a lot of driving. I did my clerkships at CMU and love the people that I work with."
What are your career goals? "Planning on being a Hospitalist in Houston, Texas!"


​Shafia Beg, M.D.

Abhishek Bhandiwad, M.D.

Abhishek Bhandiwad, MD

Medical School: JSS Medical College, India
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "After medical school, I did a clerkship here at St Mary's and absolutely loved the city. Affordable cost of living, ease of commuting and innumerable outdoor recreational activities makes Saginaw a great place to live in. Northern Michigan is often known as the Switzerland of America and being able to travel around the area is the best part of living here."
What are your career goals? "Short term - Fellowship in Oncology and eventually specialize in Lung and Breast cancer and try to make an impact on patients battling with a cancer diagnosis. Long term- Retire at 50 and travel the world!"

Madline Chembola, M.D.

Madline Chembola, MD

Medical School: T.D Medical College, Alappuzha, Kerala, India
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "All my family is from Michigan. It's a small town with the functionality and facilities of a big city. Very less traffic, and hence driving is very efficacious.  Lots of scenic beauty and fun. The CMU program is smaller which offers more interaction and personal relationship with each other.  It offers adequate autonomy at the same time with good supervising. This program will definitely make me a confident doctor and help me succeed where ever I go. "
What are your career goals? "Hospitalist for 2 years. Later, I will decide on which fellowship to do after becoming a well-rounded physician in general internal medicine before I focus on a fellowship."


Michael Fazzini, D.O.

Michael Fazzini, DO

Medical School: Edward Via college of Osteopathic Medicine. Blacksburg, Virginia        
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "You get great hands on experience doing procedures and the working environment is extremely conducive to learning. Close enough to big cities, but far enough away where you can relax and enjoy the scenery without constant traffic and high prices!"
What are your career goals? "Cardiology fellowship. Interventional fellowship."

Ali Hachem, M.D.

Ali Hachem, MD

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Biological Sciences, University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan
Medical School: Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Saginaw is perfectly located in the Great Lakes Bay region, approximately 2 hrs from most metro areas in Michigan as well as the Upper Pennisula. As a metro-Detroit native, it was close to home, there are plenty of opportunities for fun outdoor activities as well as local sporting events.  Being a part of the inaugural class at CMU, I wanted to be able to continue my education here while taking part in the ongoing positive changes being made. In addition to that, the IM program here at CMU exposes you to a broad pathology base while maintaining a safe training environment with plenty of supervised autonomy. The faculty and leadership are dedicated and passionate about teaching residents and supporting their career goals."
What are your career goals? "Pursuing a Cardiology fellowship."

Albert Linden, M.D.

Albert Linden, MD

Undergraduate School: B.S. in Chemistry from University of California, Berkeley
Medical School: UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, Texas.
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "I chose CMU because I wanted a program where the residents have more independence and responsibility, and because I wanted to live somewhere in close proximity to the great outdoors." 
What are your career goals? "I plan to do a mixture of clinical work and research in the future. I will be applying for a fellowship, possibly in Hem/Onc or Nephrology."

Chandramouli Mandalaparty, D.O.

Chandramouli Mandalaparty, DO

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Wayne State University
Medical School: Doctor of Osteopathy, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "Saginaw offers the perfect balance between professional and personal life. As a longtime Michigan resident, the Great Lakes Bay region allows me to enjoy my career while being close to my family. While Michigan is widely known for its immense amount of snowfall and chilly weather, the abundance of outdoor activities (biking, skiing, hiking and etc.) is highly profitable. CMU cultivates a homely and friendly atmosphere for all of us that come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This includes the faculty, residents, nursing, and even the patients. The importance of resident wellness is emphasized from day one. The faculty strives to make the experience as stress-free as possible for all the residents."
What are your career goals? "Short term – Pursue a career in hospitalist medicine. Long term vision – visit all 50 states in the USA (currently at 28) and travel to as many countries as possible."

Matthew Newman, M.D.

Natthew Newman, MD

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry, Albion College
Graudate School: Masters of Arts in Medical Science, Loyola University Chicago.
Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Why did you choose Saginaw for your residency? "It's a good place to raise my family and there is plenty of things to do in Saginaw and the surrounding cities. Small program that allows me to get to enough every resident and hospital staff. We also get to do more, procedures for examples, in this program compared to bigger ones."
What are your career goals? "Still deciding."

Zhilwan Rahim, D.O.

Zhilwan Rahim, DO

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Parkville University, Missouri
Medical School: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Why did you choose Saginaw? "I love that you're only two or so hours away from just about anywhere in Michigan! To your south is Detroit, northwest is the beautiful Traverse City and you can't forget about the breathtaking Mackinac Island to your north. CMU offers a solid program with lots of autonomy that lets you develop into a competent physician. There are many opportunities for procedures! It is a small program with great residents and a very supportive PD!" 
What are your career goals? "Short-term - Critical Care fellowship. Long-term - save lives and enjoy life!"

Venkataramana Somisetty, M.D.

​Venkataramana Somisetty, MD

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) - Alluri Sitaram Raju Academy of Medical Sciences / NTR University of Health Sciences, India
Medical School: Master of Science in Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology (Paused) - Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio
Why did you choose Saginaw? "Saginaw is a nice and beautiful town with low cost of living and less traffic. I am greatly impressed with the friendly learning environment, strong teaching faculty and very helpful, friendly colleagues. Exposure to diverse patient population with wide range of clinical pathology. Truly committed, dedicated and supportive Program Director who is always there to motivate and help residents to achieve their goals, is a huge bonus."
What are your career goals? "To become a very strong clinician.  Planning for Fellowship in Hematology Oncology."

Haritha Yedla, D.O.

Haritha Yedla, DO

Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Science, Duquesne University
Medical School: Doctor of Osteopathy, A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, Kirksville college of osteopathic medicine
Why did you choose Saginaw? "I was always interested in community based medicine. CMU IM residency divides our time between community, academic, and VA hospitals with an extra emphasis on community. This program prioritizes care to those who need it the most."
What are your career goals? "Critical Care fellowship"