​​​​Obstetrics & Gynecology Faculty​

​All members of the Department hold appointments through Central Michigan University College of Medicine. The Department has community volunteer physicians that work with resident physicians and students. These community volunteer physicians hold clinical faculty appointments from CMU. 

Renee Sundstrom, D.O.

Renee Sundstrom, D.O.Program Director

Elena Oatey, D.O.

OB Clerkship Director​

Frederick Eruo, M.D.

Frederick Eruo, M.D.OB Faculty​

Tiffany Kim, M.D.

Tiffany Kim, M.D.OB Faculty​

Vickie Mello, D.O.

Vickie Mello, D.O.OB Faculty​

Brian Tesler, M.D.

Brian Tesler, M.D.OB Faculty​

Rebecca Saucedo, CNM

Rebecca Saucedo, CNMWOB Nurse/Midwife