A Special Opportunity to Shape Your Own Program

The CMU Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program is new. It received its initial accreditation from ACGME, and will have its first class of fellows starting July 1, 2019. It has been approved for 6 positions, three spaces in each of the two years required for a fellow to earn board eligibility. As a work in progress, our program presents an unusual opportunity for fellows themselves to shape the program. Although we have thought long and hard about how best to train fellows by taking advantage of local talent and resources, we have no doubt that you will shape the final products. Many aspects of the program that we describe here are subject to modification where desirable, and fellows will be largely responsible for suggesting the improvements.

Future Opportunities

Although this program is young, it is not quite born yet—it can boast not only a growing and distinguished faculty, but numerous resources at our disposal. In our immediate vicinity we have two major general hospitals, one of which is a major referral center for neurosurgical conditions; there is a freestanding psychiatric hospital within a modern facility that includes adult and child/adolescent psychiatric units, an addiction unit, and long-term medical care units; there is a Veteran’s Administration Medical Center; the Field Neuroscience Institute conducts basic research on psychiatric and neurological conditions; and a large and progressive community mental health center is a two-minute drive from the departmental offices. Within 40 minute radius are other community mental health centers, a state psychiatric hospital, and large psychiatric and medical delivery systems in Flint, Michigan. On the West campus (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan) the psychology department has active clinical training and service programs that are eager to collaborate and a community mental health center with outstanding psychiatric staff. 

There is not much here we cannot get for you if you need it and, positions for faculty will likely be open to you when you graduate from the program.

Whom Do We Want?

We seek enthusiastic seekers who will make important contributions to our field. We will select for the most promising talent available, as these individuals will help us to develop a rigorous and innovative program and they will be the “proof of concept” that we have succeeded in our educational objectives. Those who share aspects of our mission, which includes the expansion of faculty and services in Northern Michigan, are especially encouraged to apply, but others, who intend to make their special contributions to the field in other places and in other ways, will also find that our program will supply an outstanding training for whatever their personal mission in psychiatry may be.

Contact Information:

Residency Coordinator
Ashley Lednicky
Phone: (989) 746-7618