General Surgery Basic Science Schedule

  Basic Science Schedule 2018-19
  7/12/18 Angiogenesis and Advanced Ischemia
      John Blebea, MD
  8/2/18 Mitochondrial Diseases
      Edward McKee, PhD
  8/23/18 Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
      Robert Petersen, PhD
  9/6/18 Diabetic Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cardiovascular Disease
      Mariana Rosca, MD
  9/13/18 Clinical Manifestations Associated with Inborn Errors of Metabolism
      Edward McKee, PhD
  10/4/18 Signal Transuduction Pathways in Cancer
      Rosemary Poku, PhD
  10/25/18 Pathophysiology of the Effect of Opioids on Pulmonary Reflexes
      Harold Bell, PhD
  1/3/19 Signal Transduction Pathways in Wound Healing
      Neli Ragina, PhD
  2/14/19   Stem Cells and Growth Factors in the Potential Treatment of
    Huntington Disease
      Julien Rossignol, PhD
  3/28/19 Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Reperfusion Injury After
    Myocardial Infarction
      Harold Bell, PhD
  4/18/19 Tumor Cell Phenotype Affects Sugrical and Chemotherapeutic
    Outcomes in High Grade Ovarian Cancers
      Stave Kohtz, PhD
  5/9/19   Receptor and Signaling Pathway in Pituitary Endocrine Fuction
      Sethu Reddy, MD
  5/30/19 Bioluminescence to Regulate Gene Expression in Specific Tissues
      Ute Hochgeschwender, MD
  6/20/19 Factors that Affect Inflammation and Repair Processes
      Jyotsna Pandey, MD, PhD
  6/27/19 Pharmacology and Biochemistry of Diabetic Medications
    Sethu Reddy, MD
Updated: 2/4/19