Nhu S. Dargis, M.P.A., Director

Nhu DargisAs Director for the Standardized Patient Program with CMU College of Medicine, Nhu provides direction for the development and daily operations of the Standardized Patient Program. Her focus is on the coordination of design, development, and implementation of clinical learning experiences utilizing trained standardized patients and state-of-the-art simulators. Nhu earned her Bachelors of Science degree from Michigan State University and a Masters in Public Administration, with a concentration in Healthcare, from Western Michigan University. Prior to joining the College of Medicine, she served as the Administrative Designated Institutional Officer for Graduate Medical Education and Director for Continuing Medical Education at the Saginaw Campus, also known as CMU  Partners. While working in one of the largest multi-specialty practices in the Great Lakes Bay Region, Nhu brings with her over 15 years of experience in the administration of programs for physician residency training, management of education for third and fourth year medical students and continuing medical education offered to the physicians of north-central Michigan. Her most valuable aspect that comes from working at the College of Medicine is the opportunity to participate and contribute towards the development of a new and innovative medical school. 

Jocelyn Steffke, Training Coordinator

Jocelyn SteffkeAs Training Coordinator for the Standardized Patient Program with CMU’s College of Medicine, Jocelyn collaborates with faculty on the development/refinement of content and objectives for new and existing SP cases, materials, and assessment. She assists the SP Program Director with the program activities as well as the maintenance of data and assessment tools. Jocelyn earned a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Apparel Merchandising and Design from Central Michigan University. Prior to joining the Standardized Patient Program, she worked in senior level administration as Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Medicine. Before joining the college, she worked to improve patient satisfaction and safety at McLaren Central Michigan as the Patient Relations Coordinator. Jocelyn is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and enjoys instructing advanced level classes to a variety of audiences. She takes great pride in working in medical education and knows what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to contribute to the college’s mission, to student learning, and to how those students treat their patients in the future as physicians.

Rachel Older, Coordinator

Rachel Older As the Coordinator for the Standardized Patient Program with CMU College of Medicine, Rachel coordinates daily Standardized Patient Program operations, including events, activities, and recruitment efforts for new Standardized Patients, Gynecological Teaching Associates and Male Urogenital Teaching Associates. Rachel joined the College of Medicine October 2014 as a Standardized Patient and then became the Standardized Patient Program Assistant a year later. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Education from Baker College of Owosso, but also studied two years here at CMU before transferring. In addition to her experience at CMU, she worked in the medical research field. Rachel brings with her experience in the medical sector, her association with the SP Program, a degree in education, experience with team coordination, managing business activities, and student events. She believes in the idea of being a life-long learner and values being a part of the College of Medicine in preparing students to do just that.