CMU College of Medicine’s Simulation Center History

Simulation Center SignThe newly named Covenant HealthCare Simulation Center – formerly the Synergy Medical Advanced Practicum and Simulation Environment (SYNAPSE) - opened its doors in March 2008. As an independent department of CMU Medical Education Partners/CMU Health (formerly Synergy Medical Education Alliance), its primary mission was to provide simulation-based training for medical and surgical residents, medical students, and healthcare providers at what was then known as Synergy Medical. It was hoped that SYNAPSE would become the premier clinical training resource for the Great Lakes Bay medical community. Over the course of the next four years, use of the Center grew steadily, reaching over 15,000 learner hours annually. 

In August 2012, Synergy Medical became part of the Central Michigan University College of Medicine. This transition expanded the department’s role to include undergraduate medical education (first- through fourth-year medical students). Through this partnership, the Covenant HealthCare Simulation Center – so named thanks to a generous donation from Covenant HealthCare - has dramatically expanded in terms of learner numbers, technological resources and staffing. 

In 2015, the Simulation Center moved into the new CMU College of Medicine educational building. Equipped with virtual OR, OB, ICU, ED and pediatric environments, the new 10,000-square-foot center continues to offer high-quality training programs that improve the safety and care of patients in the Great Lakes Bay Region.