​College of Medicine Investment Options

[Five-year pledge period available]

Named Scholarships

Scholarships assist students not only during their education but into their practice as doctors by graduating them with reduced debt. Less debt encourages our physicians to remain in the primary care specialties—part of our mission as a college of medicine.

Types of Scholarships

  • Endowed scholarships are possible starting at $100,000
  • Annual scholarships provide an annual gift given out each year, but not invested. This is usually a commitment of no fewer than four years.
  • Naming opportunities: Mount Pleasant campus and Saginaw campus

Endowed Scholarships

Setting up an endowed scholarship allows the principal never to be spent, so that a scholarship award can be given in perpetuity. Beyond the key endowment, there are many options available in establishing a scholarship:

  1. Donors can establish scholarship guidelines or criteria.
  2. Donors can meet their recipients each year, if desired.
  3. Donors can add to the principal over time to increase the amount of the annual award.
  4. Donors can choose to establish their endowment fully -- covering a student’s annual tuition, fees and the majority of their housing
  5. Donors can choose to support several students at a less-than-full support level.

Brick and Mortar Spaces

The importance in having state-of-the-art facilities for our medical students is paramount. The ability to instruct our students with the most up-to-date technology and teaching spaces will provide our CMU physicians with the needed tools and experiences for success.

Donors have their choice of naming rooms by the size of their gift and in the order their contributions/pledges were received. They range from study rooms to large auditoriums to simulation suites and lab space. These spaces vary across each site.

Brick and Mortar Naming Opportunities:

  • Mount Pleasant campus
  • Saginaw campus

Endowed Chair or Named Professorship— Research Funding

Research is an area of constant development and an important part of the education process for the medical students. Your investment could fund an endowment to provide annual support for outstanding faculty members or visiting faculty members to support their research either in Mt. Pleasant or in Saginaw.

Contributions can be restricted in a certain area of research, such as cancer care, cardiovascular care, diabetes research or another area of specific study.

Research Naming Opportunities:

  • Mount Pleasant campus
  • Saginaw campus

Donation Information

Note: Gifts can be paid over time. Five years is the typical time period. For instance, a $10,000 pledge can be paid over five years, making $2,000 payments each year. If the gift is a $25,000 pledge, $5,000 payments each year can be made for five years.

**Gifts can be “pledged” via the CMU pledge card. It can be tailored to your individual needs and payment cycle.

For more information about CMU College of Medicine​ investment opportunities, contact CMU College of Medicine Development at 989-774-7548.