Thanks For Staying Rotary Scholarship

The Thanks for Staying Rotary Scholarship annual fundraiser will be held spring 2019.

Details will be coming soon!

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The demand for new physicians, especially primary care physicians, is growing faster than medical schools can graduate students. Our communities are facing this critical situation now, and it will only worsen in the future. The CMU College of Medicine’s mission focuses on alleviating the physician shortage in Mid-Michigan and to help, we created the Rotary Scholarships Fund. We want to encourage medical students who complete their residencies in our area to stay here and serve in our communities. The Rotary Scholarships Fund is our way of thanking them for staying. The recipients of these scholarships will make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many of us, for so many years to come. Thank you for supporting this important endeavor.

Students on Match Day

Match Day. This is the day that the CMU College of Medicine (and all medical students in the country) find out where they have been placed for their residency training.

The CMU College of Medicine Model

The CMU College of Medicine, established in 2013, was founded with the mission to answer the growing need in Michigan and the Midwest for quality health care provided by well-trained physicians.

Focused on helping the communities of Michigan provide their own physicians, CMU’s College of Medicine campuses are conveniently located in mid-Michigan; one campus is located in Mount Pleasant for first- and second-year students and the other is located in Saginaw for 3rd- and 4th-year students to perform hands-on clinical studies. The college has attracted the best and brightest students – more than 80% of them from Michigan.

We want to continue to attract these students, and also retain them to serve as physicians in nearby communities. The Rotary Scholarships Fund is our way of thanking them for staying.

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