Dr. McKeeWhile we are a newly developing College of Medicine with an evolving research program, we have nevertheless established a core research agenda.

In the area of basic and translational research, Central Michigan University constructed on its Mt. Pleasant campus a 12,600 square-foot state-of-the-art research facility for its College of Medicine faculty. The laboratories are designed to conduct bio-medical research in an open concept environment culture, while pursuing projects that will contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in medicine. The facility opened in June of 2013 and houses eight College of Medicine faculty. Three faculty of the College of Medicine are housed in the Health Professions building as part of the very successful neuroscience program. Please use the provided links for information on specific research areas. 

Even though research in the College of Medicine has just begun, our researchers are already receiving recognition for their investigation and findings. Part of our evolving vision is to promote a collaboration of investigators on the Mt. Pleasant and Saginaw campuses that will engage our students in clinical research.

As our mission and vision speaks to medical care in underserved areas, we are eager to establish and develop a community health services research program, aimed at integrating students and faculty in research dedicated to understanding and improving health care in rural and medically underserved environments. 

The aim of the College of Medicine is to continually seek collaborative opportunities and recruit and retain researchers that will facilitate the development of a sustainable research strategy consistent with advancing our mission.

Dr. Ed McKee
Senior Associate Dean of Research