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Clinical Simulation Center
SimLab.jpgThe CMU College of Medicine Clinical Skills Program and Simulation Center is a 5,860-square-foot, state-of-the-art training center featuring 12 standardized patient rooms and two high-fidelity simulation suites. The suites have advanced AV recording and debriefing capabilities, where our faculty and learners can observe simulation sessions in progress or review at a later time. 

Our Simulation Center features eight high-fidelity patient manikins, multiple procedural task trainers, and virtual reality surgical training. This provides a controlled environment that imitates real-life patient care. Here, students can master skills in a "learner-centered" environment without putting patients at risk. In addition, interprofessional team based simulations will help our learners develop the interpersonal and leadership skills necessary to succeed in clinical practice. ​​​