Lessons of the Holocaust
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Tuesday, June 3rd
This evening featured Geoff Cocks.  A professor of history at Albion College, Cocks has written several scholarly works about the Holocaust, including Psychotherapy in the Third Reich: The Goering Institute (1985, 1997). Also featured was Stan Binkowski, a respected Mt. Pleasant businessman who was taken from his family and home in Poland by Nazi soldiers in April 1940 and relocated to Germany as a forced laborer.  The second hour of the recording was not captured due to technical difficulties.

Tuesday, June 17th
The second evening featured Martin Tobi, M.D.  A professor of gastroenterology with the College of Medicine, Dr. Tobi examined the lack of ethics of Holocaust doctors and the principles we carry today Martin Lowenberg was also featured this evening.  Lowenberg was born in Germany and shares his experience living in six concentration camps.  He has been featured in the book Living Witnesses: Triumph over Tragedy.

Tuesday, June 24th
The final evening of our speaker series featured CMU professor Eric Johnson who teaches, researches and writes about the Holocaust.  He is the author of Nazi Terror: The Gestapo, Jews and Ordinary Germans (2000).  Also featured was James Jones, CMU professor of German.  He has published several articles on Nazi persecution of gay men and lesbians

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