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Foundational Sciences Seminar Series
Tue​ 22 Jan 2013 ​Ed McKeeMitochondrial toxicity of the nucleoside antiviral analog Zidovudine (AZT) in rat tissues: Fishing in the Deoxynucleotide pools Research
Tue​ 12 Feb 2013Shanta Dhar, Phd
Nanotheraputics Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
University of Georgia
Guide Armored Vessels for Delivery of Contrast Agents and Therapeutics
​Invited Speaker
Host: Ed McKee
​Wed 27 Feb 2013 ​Harold BellOpioid-induced alterations in breathing pattern: a real pain-in-the-neckResearch
Wed 13 Mar 2013 ​Jamie JohansenModeling Neurodegenerative Disease in vivoResearch
​Wed 27 Mar 2013Bob Fleischmann Studies Toward the Development of Cancer Vaccines ​Research
Wed 10 Apr 2013 Departments of Chemistry and Biology
Central Michigan University
Polysacchari​de Skin scaffoldsResearch
Wed 24 Apr 2013 cancelled
Wed 8 May 2013 - Wed 28 Aug 2013
no seminar - summer schedule
​Wed 11 Sep 2013Julien Rossignol​Research
​Wed 25 Sep 2013Joel Gabre, MD
PGY2 General Surgery Resident, CMU Healthcare
​"Activated Protein C as a new class of drugs for dissolving DVTs (clots): taking advantage of the immune system"​Research
​Wed 9 Oct 2013Dan Griffin​Research
​Wed 23 Oct 2013Brad Long​TBA
​Wed 13 Nov 2013​​TBA
​Wed 27 Nov 2013​​TBA
​Wed 11 Dec 2013 Janet Miller-MonfilsResearch