Future Faculty

​The CMU College of Medicine consists of two campuses: the East Campus is located in Saginaw, Michigan and the West Campus is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Saginaw—East Campus

CMED’s East Campus is home to CMU Medical Education Partners (formerly Synergy Medical Education Alliance) which is a non-profit medical education corporation that has over 40 years of experience delivering medical education to students and residents, and provides quality healthcare as the largest multi-specialty practice in the Great Lakes Bay Region. East campus is the primary site for education of third and fourth year medical students, training of residents in CMU clinics, and local graduate medical education administration.

Mt. Pleasant—West Campus

CMED’s West Campus is the primary site for education of first- and second-year medical students, for the college’s central administration, and for conduct of its research programs. Individuals interested in working in the Mount Pleasant area can view employment opportunities and apply at: www.jobs.cmich.edu

CMU Health

The CMU College of Medicine’s clinical enterprise is referred to as CMU Health.

​CMU Health sites and locations can be found throughout the mid-Michigan region with locations at both the East and West Campus.

East Campus Faculty Employment Opportunities 

Candidates interested in employment opportunities in the Saginaw area through CMU Medical Education Partners should visit and apply at: http://synergymedical.catsone.com/careers/index.php. To peruse our benefit packages visit the CMU Medical Education Partners benefits in brief. ​

West Campus Faculty Employment Opportunities

To find information about open positions, apply for open positions, and peruse our benefit packages please visit CMU Faculty Personnel Services here.

Get to Know Current Faculty

View information about the diverse Faculty at CMED through their Faculty profiles.