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The Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation Service (A.G.E.S.) at CMU Health has reintroduced the Vial of Life in Saginaw County to provide a level of security and support for elderly people who reside in their homes.

What is the Vial of Life?
The Vial of Life system provides health-related information about the residents of a home and places the information in a designated area for quick retrieval in the event of an emergency.

After all senior residents of a home fill out the forms regarding their medical history, the forms are sealed into a plastic bag for protection and taped to the inside-right front wall of their refrigerator. The interior of the refrigerator secures the information in the case of fire.

A red Vial of Life sticker is affixed to the outside of the refrigerator door in the top right corner. This sticker alerts emergency personnel that the Vial of Life packet is inside the refrigerator.

Who recognizes the Vial of Life?
Paramedics, police officers, firemen, caregivers, family members, and other representatives or organizations that visit older people's homes in times of emergency recognize this designated area for vital health information.

What is on the Vial of Life Forms?
The form targets specific areas such as major surgeries, allergies, medications, specific health problems, emergency contacts, family physician contact information, and preferred hospital locations. The complete Vial of Life can provide life-saving information, and with it being in an easily accessible and recognizable place inside the home, emergency medical care can greatly be expedited.
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To get your free Vial of Life kit: call (989) 583-6835

If you already have a kit and just need a new form for changes:
CLICK HERE - Vial of Life Form*

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