The Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation Service, or AGES, is a unique service initiated by CMU Health Geriatrics with the goal of helping our older population live independently. We believe that growing older doesn't necessarily mean losing one's dignity, home, or sense of community.

Assessment is a key focus of the AGES team. Your dedicated physician, dietitian, nurse, and social worker provide you with a comprehensive medical assessment that looks not only at your physical condition but also your emotional, social, and community conditions as well. There are many options available right here in our community to help seniors remain in their homes and active. AGES teams work as a consultative service to point out alternatives, recommend changes in life-styles, and pinpoint these excellent resources in the community that can help.

This is a free service for Saginaw County residents due to grant support from the Region VII Area Agency on Aging.

The Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation Service (A.G.E.S.) at CMU Health has reintroduced the Vial of Life in Saginaw County to provide a level of security and support for elderly people who reside in their homes.  To find out more information about Vial of Life or to download a form please click here.
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