About CMU Health

​Student/Resident/Faculty Relationship
CMU Health is the hub of medical education in Saginaw County. Medical students and residents work within the community to complete their medical education with the Central Michigan University College of Medicine.
Many of these medical students and residents work at the clinics within CMU Health.  The medical students observe doctor/patient interactions and the residents care for patients, under the supervision of attending faculty members.
The residents benefit by having the opportunity to see the same patients throughout their residency building patient rapport and enhancing their medical skills.
The patients benefit by having two doctors review their symptoms and concur on a diagnosis and treatment plan. Residents bring cutting-edge medical knowledge while faculty members have years of trusted experience.

Patient-Centered Care
You can expect to receive patient-centered care from your physician and healthcare team, which includes your primary care physician/specialists. All resident physicians work with expert, board-certified attending physicians.

CMU Health provides a full range of medical services and works to enhance the quality of healthcare for the citizens of our community.

As your primary-care physician, the doctors and residents at CMU Health will coordinate all the medical services covered by your insurance. They will provide and arrange for the medical care you need.
Faculty Physicians
Each department has highly trained specialists on staff as faculty members. The faculty members oversee all the training for our resident physicians. They also closely monitor the care our residents provide to our patients.

By seeing the doctors at CMU Health, you will receive the best up-to-date care and the benefit of years of medical experience.
Resident Physicians
Residents are physicians that have received their medical degree and doctorate. These physicians are now completing a stage of graduate medical training under the supervision of fully licensed and board certified physicians.

Faculty physicians have the final responsibility for patient care. At your appointment, your medical concerns will be reviewed by both the resident physician and the faculty physician before you are discharged. Given the nature of this educational program you may see more than one CMU Health physician during the course of your care.