Patient Care in the Saginaw Region
​​​CMU Health sites in Saginaw


CM​U Health (Houghton Ave.)
, a CMU Health entity located at our Houghton Avenue Building, offers a variety of primary care and specialty health ​care services provided by board-certified physicians. Services include: internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatricsrheumatology, and geriatric evaluation services (AGES)

CMU Health (Concentric Blvd.), a CMU Health entity located at Concentric Boulevard Building, offers family medicine and pediatric primary care services provided by board-certified family medicine physicians and pediatricians. A variety of in-office treatments are offered, including: removal of skin tags, warts, and moles; suture removal, casting and splinting; nail trimming for persons with diabetes, cyst removal, IUD insertion and removal, and injections to treat pain.

CMU Health Division of Surgery (Washington Ave.), Formerly Midwestern Surgical Associates, our office at 912 S. Washington Avenue offers a vast variety of surgical services provided by a team of leading surgeons and experienced nurses and technicians. Click here to learn more about the Division of Surgery.