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Research in The College of Medicine at Central Michigan University centers on understanding fundamental questions of human health and disease and bringing that understanding to bear in the treatment of patients. Research is divided among three disciplines: Foundational Sciences (encompasses all of the basic medical sciences); Medicine (encompasses all of clinical medicine and its sub-specialties); and, Surgery (encompasses all of clinical surgery and its subspecialties). This organization promotes integration of teaching and collaborative research. Research is conducted at the Mount Pleasant and Saginaw campuses.

The College of Medicine opened a state-of-the-art, 15,000-square foot research building in the spring 2013 on the Mount Peasant campus to support our growing emphasis on research.

Research at the East campus in Saginaw traditionally has centered on graduate medical education, or residency training. Residents and faculty are generally involved in clinical outcomes and quality improvement research. Recent work has focused on surgical outcomes related to diabetes, aging and obesity, differences in obstetrics and gynecology outcomes based on patient enrollment in public and private insurance, methods to increase patient follow-up after hospitalization, comparisons of invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring techniques, and clinical practice and educational outcomes in emergency medicine.