Application / Interview Process
Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our program.  As with all CMU residency programs, we participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).  All applications should be submitted through ERAS.  For specific admission requirements, please refer to our GME application procedures.

Invitation for interviews will be extended through ERAS starting in early October.  Interviews will take place on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.  Please refer to our web-based scheduling program (Interview Broker) to schedule your interview.


Interview Day

Please plan to arrive the afternoon prior to your interview.  We provide the following for your visit:

  • Lodging for yourself and your family/significant other
  • Free breakfast buffet at the hotel and transportation to/from the hotel
  • An information packet about the city and surrounding areas
  • Real estate materials to help you locate a home/apartment
  • Food (If you have any special nutritional needs, just let us know

The evening prior to your interview, you are invited to attend dinner with a group of our residents.  Depending on the date, this will occur at a resident's home or at a local restaurant.  Please dress casually--this is a time for you to ask questions about the program and the area. 

At your interview, you will meet with the Program Director and 2 of our faculty.  In addition, you will interview with one of our residents.  A short informational presentation as well as a tour of our primary teaching sites will be provided.  Interviews will conclude by 1:30 pm.

Questions? Contact Us!

Departmental and Residency Coordinator
Patricia Sewell
Phone: (989) 583-6817
Fax: (989) 583-7436