Publications & Presentations
  • "Oxytocin discontinuation during active labor in women who undergo labor induction;"  L. Diven, M. Rochon, et. al., American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dec. 2012.
  • "Comparison Between Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: A Cohort Study;" K. Sakhel, A. Kirakosyan, J. Hines, et. al., ISRN Minimally Invasive Surgery, Vol. 2012, Article ID 408127.
  • "Is elective day four embryo transfer as food as day five embryo transfer?" M. Abdallah, M. Diamond, F. Shamma, Fertility and Sterility, Vol. 92, Issue 3, Supplement page S51, Sept. 2009.

  • Oral Presentation, "Opiates and Pregnancy," American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine, Orlando, Florida, October 2011, Renee Sundstrom, D.O.
  • Poster Presentation, "Can Bladder Outlet Obstruction Be Predicted Before Retro-Pubic TVT Procedure?" Michigan Section, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Junior Fellow Research Day, May 2011, Aliaa Makkiya, M.D. and Jeffrey Manley, M.D.

2012 Synergy Medical/CMU College of Medicine Research Day

Oral Presentations

​Topic:The Effect of Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy on Preterm Labor
​Resident:​​Omaima Al Sinan, M.B.B.S, PGY-2
​Co-Authors:​Reshma Parikh, Laura Baesher-Lind, Erika Peterson
Topic: Comparison of Single Incision Slings and Tension Free Vaginal Tape: Clinical Outcome After One Year Follow Up
Resident:Aliaa Makkiya, M.D., PGY-4 and Tiffany Kim, M.D., PGY-2,
Faculty:Thomas Minnec, M.D. and Duane Heilbronn, M.D.
Topic: Short and Long Term Outcomes of robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy in Comparison with Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
Resident:Aliaa Makkiya, M.D.. PGY-4
Faculty:Renee Sundstrom, D.O. and Duane Heilbronn, M.D.

Poster Presentations

Topic: Spontaneous Twin Gestation Occupying Separate Horns of a Bicornuate Uterus
Resident:Zakera Nanabawa, M.D., PGY-4
Faculty:Radha Cherukuri, M.D.
Topic: Case Report: Adenocarcinoma of the Uterus with Metastasis to the Clitorus
Resident:Dana Morrison, M.D., PGY-1
Faculty:Guy Boike, M.D.
Topic: Fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome: A Case Report of Late-Onset Endometritis Caused by Clostridium Sordellii – WON SECOND PLACE
Resident:Jeffrey Manley, M.D., PGY-4 and Heath Merkley, M.D., PGY-3
Student:Brittany Bankhead-Kendall, RUSM-III
Faculty:Joe-la Dowdy, D.O.
Topic: Normal Middle Cerebral Artery Peak Systolic Velocity in a Fetus with Unexplained Severe Anemia and Hydrops
Resident:Aliaa Makkiya, M.D., PGY-4
Faculty:Radha Cherukuri, M.D. and Angie Domingo, M.D.
Topic: A Rare Case of Spontaneous Septostomy in Monochorionic Diamniotic Twins
Resident:Judson Boisvert, M.D., PGY-1
Topic: A Rare Case of Male Infertility
Resident:Anna Soendker, M.D., PGY-2
Faculty:Nicholas Shamma, M.D.
Topic: CREOG Scores as a Predictive Measure for ABOG Pass Rates for OBGYN Residents
Resident:Joseph Semien, Jr., M.D., PGY-3, Becca Marks, D.O., PGY-2
Faculty:Shirley Layko, M.D.

2011 Synergy Medical Research Day

Oral Presentation
Topic: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intention to Use Emergency Contraception Among Reproductive Aged Females in Saginaw
Resident:Zakera Nanabawa, M.D.
Third Place for Oral Presentations
Poster Presentation
Topic: Case Presentation of a Large Splenic Cyst in Late pregnancy and Delivery
Resident:Jennifer Schmidt, D.O.
Second Place for Post Presentations

2011 Research Projects presented at OB/GYN Grand Rounds

Topic: Synchronous Malignancies – Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Endometrial Cancer– Four Case Series and Literature Review
Resident:Veerayyagari Annapurna, M.D.
Topic: Severe Hypercapnia During Robotic Surgery
Resident:Elvira O'Brien, M.D.
Topic: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intention to Use Emergency Contraception Among Reproductive Aged Females in Saginaw
Resident:Zakera Nanabawa, M.D.
Topic: Case Presentation of a Large Splenic Cyst in Late Pregnancy and Delivery
Resident:Jennifer Schmidt, D.O.
Topic: Incidence of Patients with Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence after Robotic Surgery – A Single Physician Review
Resident:Jeffrey Manley, M.D.

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