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Thank you for considering an application to the Central Michigan University College of Medicine, the nation's 137th medical school.

We hope you find the information on the Central Michigan University College of Medicine admissions website helpful. If you have questions not addressed by the website or our Frequently Asked Questions, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

Another good place to begin understanding how to apply to medical schools can be found in the Official Guide to Medical School Admissions by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

The Central Michigan University College of Medicine admits students who have the potential to become outstanding physicians. A primary goal of the College of Medicine is to increase the number of physicians serving central and northern Michigan. The selection committee places a high priority on selecting students who plan to practice in underserved communities in these regions.

We value the unique qualities and life experiences that each person possesses. Our application process is designed to highlight these. We use a holistic admissions process, and seek to admit students who have personal characteristics and interests that align with the CMU College of Medicine mission. This admissions process is designed to consider an individual's application holistically, including cognitive capabilities, the depth of past experiences, and personal attributes and characteristics. It balances the applicant's academic portfolio with other aspects of their application, such as the capacity for using critical thinking and logic, the understanding of the principles of ethics, personal values and the qualities that show an applicant's potential to become outstanding physicians.

​The CMU College of Medicine curriculum is innovative and focused on team-based learning, early clinical experiences, and on community engaged learning activities. Medical science education is clinically focused using patient case presentations of human wellness and disease. Longitudinal experiences in the Essentials of Clinical Skills, the Art of Medicine, and Society and Community Medicine are woven throughout the curriculum.

Our mission is to recruit high-caliber students who will develop the ability to practice medicine in Michigan, the United States and the world. Prospective students who want to truly make a difference in the health care of underserved communities will find the CMU experience an outstanding opportunity to learn.​