USMLE Step 1 Resources

USMLE Step 1 Resources:

There are many fantastic resources available! Find a few that work for you…do not get overwhelmed with too many. Some are general guides, while some focus on specific subjects: anatomy, behavioral sciences, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology.

Informational Resources:


Look at content description, content outline, test question formats, and download general information booklet for this year and also for next year when available.


Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessment exams will be given in Y2.

Review Resources (in no particular order):

  1. First Aid for Step 1
  2. Step Up to USMLE Step 1
  3. Rapid Review, Step 1
  4. High Yield series, published by Lippincott (for multiple subjects: immunology, anatomy, neuroanatomy, behavioral science, histology)
  5. USMLE Secrets
  6. Underground Vignettes
  7. Robbins Review Pathology
  8. BRS Pathology, BRS Physiology (BRS review series)
  9. Micro Made Ridiculously Simple
  10. Question Banks: several out there including USMLE World and Kaplan 

Study Tips

  1. Pick a few books(including one overview book) to study from, do not overwhelm yourself
  2. Keep your review notes in one main review book, or one main review notebook
  3. You know yourself best, do not base your review time on what others are doing; give yourself as much time as you think you'll need
  4. Study over time: take the marathon approach for the overall in- depth review, and then leave time closer to the exam for a more focused review
  5. Make a plan and stick to it
  6. Do practice questions in addition to material review
  7. In Year 2, attend our workshops, use feedback from the Comprehensive Basic Science Exams to tailor your review
  8.  Continue a balanced lifestyle…healthy diet, sleep, and exercise, use healthy outlets/activities/hobbies to help manage stress