Addiction Medicine Special Interest Group

​​​​​​Addiction Medicine Special Interest Group

Medical specialty:
Addiction medicine

Leader name:
Alicia Aleardi

Leader e-mail:

Co-leader name:
Elie Ata

Co-leader e-mail:

Faculty/staff advisor:
Dr. Ronald Bradley

Faculty/staff advisor e-mail:

Group Objectives:

  1. To enlighten future physicians on the subject of addiction and all of the implications it has for our patients. 
  2. To create a group of compassionate physicians who not only are able to recognize the signs of addiction, but also understand the implications it has on practice.​​
Events Held:
  1. Film screening and facilitated discussion with addiction specialist Dr. Cara Poland      
    1. Film discussed: Requiem for a Dream
    2. Part of a future series of pop culture addiction film screenings
  2. Correctional Medicine Presented by Dr. Jeffery C. Stieve, MD, CCHP
    1. Part of a future series of presentations on correctional medicine
  3. Careers in addiction​​