Medical Student Council

​​​​Welcome to the College of Medicine Medical Student Council webpage

The College of Medicine MSC serves as the body that unites and represents all College of Medicine students. It plays an integral role in shaping both the academic and extracurricular aspects of student life at the College of Medicine, some of which include:

  • Facilitating constructive, effective, and consistent communication between the student body, faculty, and administration.

  • Ensuring that student concerns remain visible to faculty and administration, and that students are represented in decision making processes.

  • Working to improve student quality of life by implementing useful programs and support services as well as incorporating fun wellness events.

In collaboration with the faculty, deans, and administration, the MSC works to address any and all student concerns and make strides towards positively influencing the College of Medicine student experience.

Please feel free to contact the MSC at CMEDMSC@CMICH.EDU

CMED Student Council 2013-2014.jpg 

BACK (L-R): Matt Wolf, Aamir Ahmed, Alyssa Cowell, David Kramp. MIDDLE (L-R): Alicia Aleardi, Shelby Reitzel, Samira Monavvari, Dalia Mammo, Trista Osantoski, Melissa Beck, Sara Ghannam. FRONT (L-R): Andrew Krause, Kathryn Brandell, Sean Masters, Tara Gallagher, Kush Sharma.