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Dr. Greg Colores 

Dr. Colores

About Dr. Greg Colores

Job Title: Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Colores is primarily interested in answering microbiology questions such as “who is there?” and “what are they doing?”.

Originally, his interests were strictly with organisms that had the ability to grow on toxic compounds found in contaminated soils. By following that line of research he and his students found that they were detecting and isolating microorganisms that are also frequently associated with people that have cystic fibrosis. This led them to 1) compare clinical and environmental isolates and 2) investigate whether contaminated soils serve as a source of organisms that might be a threat to people with cystic fibrosis.

The second major area of research in Dr. Colores’ lab involves characterizing the microorganisms that inhabit alvars, a unique environment found in the Great Lakes region. This research is relatively new, but in the lab they are finding organisms that are closely related to those found in the desert Southwest and Antarctica.

While these projects might sound vastly different, they all utilize similar techniques including basic microbiology (to grow them), molecular biology (to detect and identify them) and microscopy (to visualize them).

Contact Dr. Colores at, or visit Brooks 185.