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Dr. Jennifer Schisa 

Dr. Schisa

About Dr. Jennifer Schisa

Job Title: Professor of Biology

Dr. Schisa is a geneticist studying how cells respond to aging and environmental stress using the model organism, C. elegans. More specifically, the Schisa lab is studying changes that occur in oocytes.

Previous work by graduate students and undergraduates in her lab has shown that large ribonucleoprotein (RNP) granules assemble in oocytes when ovulation is arrested (and fertilization will be delayed) or when environmental stresses such as heat shock are applied. The lab recently performed a functional RNAi screen to identify genes that regulate the assembly of RNP granules when ovulation is arrested; they are now in the process of characterizing these eleven genes and how they regulate RNP granules.

Future projects well-suited for undergraduates include characterizing the specific effects of one of the eleven genes on RNP granule assembly.

Contact Dr. Schisa at, or visit her office in Brooks 193.

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