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Dr. Nancy Seefelt 

Dr. Seefelt

About Dr. Nancy Seefelt

Job Title: Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Seefelt is a vertebrate ecologist and evolutionary biologist. During the summer field season, much of her work focuses on avian ecology, specifically the breeding biology of waterbirds (gulls, terns, herons and cormorants) and the stopover ecology of migrating songbirds. In addition, she monitors the breeding activities of the endangered Piping Plover as part of the recovery program for this species. Undergraduates have participated in all of these endeavors, often conducting their own research projects that have aided the expansion of the research efforts.

During the academic year, Dr. Seefelt continues an active program with undergraduates both in the field and laboratory. One current project involves the recovery of another endangered species, the Kirtland’s Warbler. This project is primarily aimed at investigating multispecies use of jack pine forest after harvest and habitat management; a manuscript regarding this project, which includes an undergraduate author, is currently in review. The Seefelt lab also investigates vertebrate morphometrics and comparative anatomy to better understand phenotypic plasticity and adaptations in animal populations. These projects often combine both field and laboratory components and are well-suited for undergraduates.

Contact Dr. Seefelt at, or stop by in Brooks 191.