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Dr. Phil Hertzler 

Dr. Hertzler

About Dr. Phil Hertzler

Job Title: Professor of Biology

Dr. Hertzler’s lab studies embryonic development in marine shrimp.

One current project is to characterize development of the germ line, which gives rise to the next generation as either sperm or eggs. Dr. Hertzler and his students are isolating genes from shrimp that are known to be involved in germ cell specification in other animals, such as vasa and nanos. They have also identified a putative germ granule in shrimp, which is segregated to the hypothesized progenitor cell of the germ line and which contains RNA. The first project is of great interest to shrimp aquaculture, since sterile shrimp develop as females which grow larger than males, and involves collaborators in Australia.

A second project is to describe the formation of muscle in shrimp embryos and larvae by confocal microscopy. This will provide baseline information on muscle development in this major agricultural animal, which has only recently been domesticated.

Contact Dr. Hertzler at or visit his office in Brooks 155.

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