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Dr. Tracy Galarowicz 

Dr. Galarowicz

About Dr. Tracy Galarowicz

Job Title: Professor of Biology

Dr. Galarowicz is a fisheries biologist who studies the relationship between fish and their environment.

The Galarowicz lab examines the effect of abiotic variables such as habitat availability, and biotic factors like prey availability on fish growth, population dynamics, and habitat selection. Current work in her lab includes spawning site selection by lake trout and lake whitefish in Lake Michigan and spatial and temporal influences on stream fish assemblages. An ongoing research project, in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, examines the dynamics of the smallmouth bass population in northern Lake Michigan, particularly near the Beaver Archipelago.

Future projects for undergraduates in the Galarowicz lab include continued work in the archipelago examining the influence of a newly introduced fish, the round goby, on smallmouth bass; the goby act as a potential predator on bass eggs, a competitor with juvenile bass, and prey for adult bass.

Contact Dr. Galarowicz at, or visit her office in Brooks 184.