Introduction to Engineering Lab

ET Building 139

Lab coordinator

Brian P. DeJong
ET Building 242

Teaching/learning activities in the lab

The Introduction to Engineering Lab is the primary space used for the several projects during the first-year engineering course. Students use the room for such things as:
  • Building boats for the Annual Cardboard Boat Race each fall. The students must design, analyze, budget and build boats using only cardboard, duct tape and construction adhesive. They then race their boats across CMU's Rose Ponds during Homecoming Weekend.
  • Building LEGO robots for the King of the Hill project. Students build and analyze LEGO Mindstorm robots that climb and fight for the top of a 3-foot hill.
  • Building LEGO robots for other in-class projects, such as LEGO Triathlon (speed, agility and strength events) or LEGO Catapult.